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Ladies, are you looking for excellent fitness guidance, nutrition advice, accountability, a planned approach to activity, exercise correction, total body muscle confusion, and lots of motivation? SCULPTMOVES Fitness Training is perfect for YOU!  I created this because it can make personalized training for Women affordable and more enjoyable at a group rate compared to one-on-one personal training. Meet new friends and meet your goals! I do my best to coordinate appropriate fitness level and client interest in your personal workout.

Balance and Build your Body on the Beam
Balance and feel the Butt BurnLADIES PERSONALIZED TRAINING is an affordable way to get personal assistance with a Personal Trainer. Choose from our "NEW" FLASHcircuit Workout, SCULPTabata Training or the original personal chart program that is assigned and is evaluated every session. You will learn how to utilize small equipment by using proper form completing a totalbody workout to see results. ~never bored! This is a self paced personalized strength/core program to challenge your mind and  body stretching your abilities to become more active, stronger, energetic  and confident in yourself. It is for the average beginner lady that needs motivation, guidance & accountability to achieve her goals. Before and after measurements are included and recommended for your success. Meet with Cheryl during the SCULPTMOVES provided hours for your individual training at low personal training group rates. Compare to the average gym for personal service! 
We are a small specialty Ladies only studio with you in mind!

Bosu Ab and Ball throw ABS and THIGH Ball Drop
Step, Lunge and BalanceFriend, Partner Training

Stability Ball Pike UpPersonalized Partner Training

Cardio Incline Hill ClimbResistance Band TrainingCOMPLETE HEALTH: GENESIS PURE NUTRITION
Cleanse, Balance & Build your body to lose weight and feel great! Inquire for a life changing health opportunity! 
VISIT my Daughter (Health Coach Amber Westerman's) Web-site for a full on-line WHOLE FOODS DETOX PLAN… 

Group Workout Room, step class, bosu workout balance, strength, cardio, abdominal, legs, coreSCULPT and Weight RoomTreadmill and Cardio equipment

Dressing and Shower Room                                                              


Cheryl Westerman Owner/Trainer/National PresenterFRIEND ME~ Cheryl Westerman   
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Dr. Lindsey Duncan Cleanse, Balance, Build

Cheryl Westerman POWER MIX MUSIC
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